World Championship Nacra 2019 August 4th – 9th Gravedona | Italy

Registration fees for World Championship Nacra 2019 are the following:

Dualhanded teams: Standard registration fee is € 350,- 
Early Bird fee before March 1st 2019 was € 300,-

Solo competitor: Standard registration fee is € 300,- 
Early Bird fee before March 1st 2019 was € 250,-

When registering a team which has competitors under 18 years you are mandatory to bring the Parental Consent Form for registration process at the venue.
You can download this form in the tab Race Documents on this page.

If you cannot finish the mollie online payment procedure, here are the details to finalise payment manually:

ACCOUNT: NL18INGB0007347446

ING Bank N.V.
Foreign Operations
PO Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam

Fee’s for coach and support boats do not apply. Boats can be moored next to the slipway. Coach boats and support boats need to get a coach flag at registration. See NoR for more info.

Boats can be brought to the club in the weeks prior to the event. One week before the event is cost-free. If you deliver your boat earlier than a week before additional costs might apply. See NoR for more info.

Online registration is closed as we have to finalise our registered teams and documents. If you still want to race we are very happy to have you. Please make sure you have a bankcard with you to the event venue and you can register and pay at the World Championship! Safe travels and see you there!

For all Nacra Racing events you have to be a member of Nacra Racing. In doing so you help us create valuable sailing events and memories.

We only charge once per year. When registering for the event you will if you have paid the class fee. If not you can use the form below.

Thank you for being part of Nacra Racing.

Nacra Racing Annual Class Fee


Nacra Racing Annual Class Fee is € 25,- per person per year

The World Championship Nacra 2019 is hosted by the AVAL-CDV in Gravedona et Uniti, Regione Lombardia in Italy.

So you want to come to Como and race with us. Besides important race information, registration fee and how to get there. We can imagine you have some questions on where to find accommodation, sites to see and places to meet people. We’ve tried to come up with some info, relying on you to take the next step and look a bit further on the web.

Try the Facebook page of the hosting club AVAL-CDV to find out what they’re up to.
Need more info or not on Facebook? No problem, they do have a website too!
The village is on the internet too! Here you can find loads of info.

Race Program
Please read the NOR and SI carefully.
On Sunday August 4th there will be a practice race. Sunday evening there will be the opening of the event. Afterwards there will be an aperitivo.
On Monday to Friday normal races around the buoys will take place.
First warning signal will be at 12h00.
All races will start when all competing boats are on the water and near the race area.
On all race days a simple pasta plate will be available for all participants when they return from racing.

Award ceremony on Friday August 9th won’t start later than 19h00. Follow us on facebook and Instagram to keep updated!

Social Program
For family members, coaches and support staff dinner bracelets will have to be bought to attend daily pasta snack, opening aperitivo and Captains Dinner on Thursday August 8th.
We will host several small social moments with drinks around the boat park on racing days. Be sure to follow facebook and Insta posts!
On Friday 9th there will be a snack available to make sure you’re not hungry on the road when travelling directly after the Award ceremony.

We are exploring more possibilities for social events. If you want to host something yourself, or have any ideas please let us know via the contact form

About money
We have an early bird registration fee! We want to be sure that we are on your racing calendar so our early birds really have benefit!
If you register before February 1st you the entry fee is € 300,- for dualhanded teams and € 250,- for solo competitors.
After January 31st you can register with standard fee, which is € 350,- for dualhanded teams and € 300,- for solo competitors.
Also, it is mandatory that you have paid the annual Nacra Racing Class fee. This Class fee is € 25,- per person. Registration for the vent and for the class fee can be done at this site.

Places to stay
Ever heard of Booking?
Or Trivago?
Maybe Tripadvisor then?
Ok, you’ll probably will be using Hometogo then…

Not convinced by this and want to find your own spot? Use Airbnb and try Gravedona ed Uniti.
If you want to search in your own language just use the proper country extension 😉

Camping or RV places:
Not interested in an apartment, house or hotel and want to stay under a canvas roof? Try camping IdealPanorama, Miralago or la Breva in or between Gravedona and Dongo. More up north in Domaso you can find camping Madonnina, Deserto, Village Gefara, Gardenia di Ravelli Consuelo, North Wind or the Piccolo Camping

The World Championship Nacra 2019 is hosted by the AVAL-CDV in Gravedona et Uniti, Regione Lombardia in Italy. We have been here in 2018 for the European Championship Nacra. And in 2016 we also were at Lago di Como. And with right. On this Lago racing is almost always possible due to nice thermal winds. Sometimes you can experience fierce windspeed here. And sometimes there are thunderstorms. Or zero wind. Bu above all it is brilliant place to race. More important, it has a good ramp to launch your boat. And a beautiful view.

There are enough facilities to take care of you before and after racing. Also, there is a shielded terrace upon which family and friends can relax before and after the races. This is also the area where the meals and party will be. Inside the club has a bar and a cantina.

With more than enough places to stay in the surrounding area, in a 15 minute drive, you are sure to find yourself a good nights rest.

At the club you need to to pay for drinks and bites not supported by the AVAL-CDV or Nacra Racing. Make sure you cary cash. It still is king in Italy.

Important: Venue entry
There is enough space on the club and public space to support your trailer and boat. In order to support as many boats and trailers possible we have created a parking lot for boats and trailers linked to your restoration number. We will post the lay-out online at this website and via a newsletter when it is available. Parking of boat and trailer outside the designated area is not allowed.

At this section you find all important documents for racing. The Notice or Race, Sailing Instructions and the Parental Consent Form. The latter is important if you are under 18 and want to race. Deliver a signed copy at the club before sailing. Use the buttons below to go to the documents.

Notice of RaceSailing InstructionsParental Consent Form

All results are posted here. All results are provisional if not noted final for the reason that there still can be pending protests.

Entered competitors for the World Championship 2019 at Lago di Como, Italy

Sailnumber Helm Country Crew Boat type
NED2020 Arjan Baas Netherlands Emma van Welij Nacra F18 Infusion
NED 2017 Wouter Swolfs Netherlands Robert Sprengers Nacra F18 Infusion
NED 7 Frank Van Zeggeren Netherlands Jelmer Wijma Nacra F18 Infusion
NL724 Fons Hogenes Netherlands Antoinette Wijffels Nacra F18 Infusion
FRA8 louis Couraud France Martin Chavanon Nacra F18 Infusion
HUN76 Zoltan Dioszegi Hungary Gabor Jankovics Nacra F18 Infusion
BEL 253 Nicolas De Vos Belgium Victor Vandenbulcke Nacra15
NED130 Renate van Rooijen Netherlands Wouter van Rooijen Nacra 15
USA 44 Steve Matthew Stroebel United States Max Lennart Tjärnsved Nacra F18 Infusion
BEL 158 Lucas Claeyssens Belgium Anne VandenBerghe Nacra 15
NED1494 Jelte Wolters Netherlands Pamela van Heuven van Staereling Nacra F18 Infusion
FRA 167 Manolo GESLIN GRIMAUD France Chloé DULAC Nacra 15
GER 194 Martina Beyer Germany Ulrich Beyer Nacra F18 Infusion
GER 028 Leonard Beyer Germany Frida Meier Nacra 15
ESP ISET Segura Santaeulària Spain MAX Rondeau Gomez Nacra 15
NED 88 Sanne Wielenga Netherlands Niels de Haas Nacra F18 Infusion
FRA210 Titouan Petard France Marion Declef Nacra 15
SUI 113 Matthias Gaumann Switzerland Pascal Fehlmann Nacra F20 FCS
SUI 190 Elouan Gaumann Switzerland Noémie Fehlmann Nacra 15
GBR44 Christopher King United Kingdom Padraic Conlon Nacra F20 Carbon
GBR 184 Theo James Williams United Kingdom Jasmine Trinity Williams Nacra 15
FRA 143 Olga MANIGLIER France Raphael MANIGLIER Nacra 15
NED83 Walter MInderman Netherlands Gardi Minderman Nacra 16
FRA 099 Lou Mourniac France Elouen Arnaud Nacra 15
Bel 006 Emma Uyttendaele Belgium Jef Suy Nacra 15
NED-134 Bart Kooijman Beuk Netherlands Floris Lampe Nacra 15
Swe 67 Marcus Johan Svensson Sweden Anton Svensson Nacra F20 FCS
BEL 254 Frédérique van Eupen Belgium Louis Provost Nacra 15
FRA 168 Oscar Pean France Ambre Sabrechts Nacra 15
SUI 215 Andrea Aschieri Switzerland Aurelien Castro Nacra 15
NED216 Teuntje van Es Netherlands Samantha Kruyf Nacra 16
NED11 Anna Kroon Netherlands Matthijs Spijk Nacra F16
NED 132 Luuk ter Haar Netherlands Justus Geuzenbroek Nacra 15
FRA 095 Matteo Chaboud France Rupert Eddy Nacra 15
NED 042 Fleur van der Valk Netherlands Teun van der Wal Nacra 15
GBR126 Abigail Clarke United Kingdom Alfie Cogger Nacra 15
NED 497 Robin Mineur Netherlands Sander Mineur Nacra 17 (Olympic)
FRA 209 Armand CLABON France Lou BERTHOMIEU Nacra 15
SGP 117 Bryan ZhongYao Ngu Singapore Esther Singh Nacra 15
BEL 194 Frédéric Vandewalle Belgium Morgane De Vos Nacra 15
NED 029 Sergio Zonligt Netherlands Boris van den Heerik Nacra F18 Infusion
FRA 206 Billy Margaux France Maurin Léo Nacra 15
ITA 039 Eleonora Tabussi Italy Leonardo Matarazzo Nacra 15
FRA143 Etienne PETERS France Elie BLACHER Nacra 15
ESP 140 Iset Segura Santaeulària Spain Max Rondeau Gomez Nacra 15
BEL094 Cyriak Brems Belgium Ruben Ulens Nacra 15
FRA 2030 Bader Laurent France Minardi Jean richard Nacra F18 Infusion
Sui 076 Alexis Pariat Switzerland Paul Van der Klink Nacra 15
NED 93 Albert Steenman Netherlands Mitchel Steenman Nacra F20 FCS
NED 174 Maarten Valkenburg Netherlands Quintus Post Nacra 15
GBR 070 Morgan George Smith United Kingdom Alex Elsa Hamel Nacra 15
SUI23 Marc Cheli Switzerland Jean-Jacques Born Nacra F20 evo
Fra 207 coutard kenza France gruet Hippolyte Nacra 15
NED 131 Charlotte Dragt Netherlands Joost Dragt Nacra 15
FRA 208 Andres lemos France gildwen Moriceau loquen Nacra 15
NL 808 Piet Hendrix Netherlands Mark Hendrix Nacra F18 Infusion
NED 219 Olivier Jaquet Netherlands Ghislaine Empel van Nacra 15
Sui 195 John Stanley Daniel Zagury Switzerland Jean-Loup Lauber Nacra 15
1936 Henry van Rooijen Netherlands Marieke van Rooijen Nacra F18 Infusion
BEL094 Cyriak Brems Belgium Ruben Ulens Nacra 15
GBR019 Hector Hugh Edward Bunclark United Kingdom Maddy Kirk Nacra 15
10 Pierre Meermans Netherlands Victor Laban Inter 20
Ned 10 Ariën Hofman Netherlands Liesbeth Augustijn Nacra 16
NED 2020 Bob Hensen Netherlands Douwe Monsma Nacra F20 Carbon
GBR 167 Nick Elmore United Kingdom Andrew Wood Nacra F20 Carbon
Nacra F18 InfusionOpen ClassNacra 15Nacra 20 Class