Nacra Racing media sources - all events

Here you can find all photo’s and video’s shot during our events. For all important events we try to have one or more photographers, camera teams, drones on or above the water. As a result we have fantastic footage of the event. Even more, we also post footage shot from competitors with their onboard camera’s. If you have noteworthy footage from our World Championship, European Championship or Open Dutch, we would love to receive it.

We are happy to have a partnership with Laurens Morel from Salty Colours who is able to deliver great action footage, marvellous shots of crews in action and shots form the venue. Laurens also is a well known and seasoned professional in the sailing world, who has shot numerous sailing events.

Want to order photo’s in high res, prints or other footage shot by Salty Colours? Visit his website.

European Championships

European Championships 2018 – media

World Championships

World Championships 2019 – Media

Open Dutch Championship Nacra Hellecat 2019 – Media

World Championships 2017 – Media

World Championships 2015 – Media

World Championships 2016 – Media


Open Dutch Championship Nacra Hellecat 2018 – media

Open Dutch Championship Nacra Hellecat 2016 – media

Open Dutch Championship 2019