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Need a crew? Or looking for a helm? Want to get over there but you don’t have trailer, or a boat?

Here we will post requests sent to us. You can contact us via president@wwwvoorzzp.nl

Ludvig Daae wants to participate, and is looking for a boat to crew on. Currently he sails every week on the f18 class match racing with our club Roerkoning in Muiderzand (NED). I also sailed long distance races, mostly in The Netherlands. I would love to be crew on a F16/F17 or F18. So if you know someone looking for crew, please let me know. I’m 62 kg / 1.70m and 41 years old.

Froukje Feenstra is also looking to helm or crew on a boat. She has years of experience in the Dutch and international racing competition.

Wouter Swolfs & Frank de Waard are looking for someone who needs a trailer to Como, and is also willing to take this to and from Como. Their trailer is very solid and can double-stack. Enough room to fit in extra gear and sailing stuff.


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