Hey there. Here in Holland it’s getting near end of season. Lot’s of highlights to look back at and also sneak previews about what’s up for next year! So, it’s time for a drink.

On November 30th we are meeting at Suzy Q, Dr Lelykade 33, The Hague. We start at 8pm and the party stops at, well, you decide on that ok?
From all participants we ask a gentle fee for drinks, and we’ll make sure there’s snacks to go round.

During the party the classes will award the prize for their class winners, and you can share all your amazing experiences with people who understand what you’re talking about.
Nacra Racing will launch her new website and present the dates for the 2019 & 2020 racing calendar! We’ve put together a cool racing agenda :)

So, not only save the date and be there, but share this with all your catamaran sailing friends and bring them along!
Go to our Facebook page and let us know you’ll be there: https://www.facebook.com/nacraracing/

Cheers, and keep being safe out there!

Nacra Racing Board